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Some results from past cases include the following:

Car crash causing aggravation of pre-existing degenerative disc disease: $380,000.

Slip and fall at “big box” retail store causing herniated disc in neck: $235,000

Fall down stairway lacking handrail causing broken elbow: $440,000.

Defective second story window railing design causing fall to ground below and broken leg: $465,000.

Dog bite and attack causing torn ligaments in hand of 62 year old male client: $518,000.  Lien of Kaiser Permanente for medical treatment provided to client eliminated after adequate showing that medical treatment was not timely provided.

Assault and battery at negligently supervised construction site: $350,000.

Car crash causing herniated disc in neck: $250,000 – $100,000 maximum available under at-fault party’s insurance policy plus $150,000 pursuant to client’s under-insured motorist coverage.

Landlord negligently replaced sliding door to open up in front of a boulder affixed into concrete patio.  Tenant falls over boulder and suffers aggravation of pre-existing wrist arthritis:  $100,000

Trip and fall on sidewalk causing broken arm: $95,000.

Dog bite to facial area of 12 year old boy: $85,000.

Negligently maintained window at apartment complex breaks and causes lacerations to arm when closing window: $90,000.

Mirror falls off hotel room bathroom door, causing injury to Achilles tendon: $62,000 

Eye injury at paintball park that failed to provide properly fitting facemask to patron under age 18. Written waiver of liability successfully avoided in obtaining settlement of $80,000. 

Fall off bike due to unmarked speed bump resulting in broken elbow: $120,000.

Trip and fall on sidewalk built in violation of building code causing broken arm: $75,000.

Low-speed (5 mph) car crash resulting in herniated disc in neck: $150,000.

Car crash causing back and neck injuries: $100,000 (policy limit)

Car crash causing broken leg: $100,000.

Car crash causing serious headaches: $75,000.

Car crash causing “tennis elbow” (lateral epicondylitis): $62,500.

Motorcycle crash causing shoulder injury: $100,000 (maximum available under at-fault party’s policy limits) plus $50,000 pursuant to client’s under-insured motorist coverage.

Motorcycle crash causing leg injury: $80,000 (maximum of all available insurance).  Defendant motorcyclist crossed over double yellow line and hit oncoming motorcycle with sidecar, injuring occupant of sidecar.  $15,000 policy limit obtained from rider who crossed over lines and $50,000 policy limits obtained from two other riders in his group who were following him too closely and therefore “acting in concert” and also jointly responsible.  $15,000 policy limits also obtained from driver of motorcycle with sidecar.

Medical malpractice and product liability case involving Baycol prescription drug: confidential six-figure settlement.

Medical malpractice: central line inserted without flouroscopic guidance causing punctured lung and death: confidential settlement.

Medical malpractice: failure to diagnose glaucoma over a period of several years by HMO optometrist: confidential six figure settlement

Medical malpractice: negligent selection of patient to receive breast augmentation procedure, causing hemothorax: confidential six figure settlement.

Dental malpractice: negligence in connection with full-mouth restoration (crowns): $85,000

Medical malpractice: Incontinence caused by injury to external urinary sphincter in connection with laser surgery to reduce size of enlarged prostate: confidential six figure settlement.   

Class action under the Consumer Legal Remedies Act on behalf of 20,000 auto insurance policyholders for refund of reinstatement fees which were collected pursuant to illegal cancellation and reinstatement procedures used in connection with policyholders who paid their premiums on a monthly basis. The case settled by the insurance company agreeing to refund all affected policyholders.

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